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Agrisoul organics india pvt ltd is a state govt recognised start up which aims at increasing farm productivity and farmer’s income. Our mission is implemented in different areas of Odisha. The major focus is on reducing chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Let`s have a great privilege to introduce Our self as the only Quality Manufacturer of Organic Manure. After an immense experiment of 2 years, and continuous trials, we take this opportunity to introduce our brand 'Eco-N-rich ' as a core development and protective additive to nature which is 100% Organic High Yield Fertilizer. "Eco-N-rich " is now available to farmers at an economical price, that helps to DOUBLE and INCREASE the Crop’s yields and Farmer’s income.

  • Our aim is not only to give double production to the farmers but also improve the efficiency and sustainability of organic farming through our products.

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Ingredient & Technology

ECO-N-RICH Organic Hi-Yield Promoter Mode of Action and Application:


ECO-N-RICH plant nutrient supplement increases farm-productivity of Horticultural, Commercial and Floricultural Crops by 100% to 300% additional yields:

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